How long do you get to know someone before dating

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But "Dating" as a process is getting to know someone with the express intent of a romantic capacity. That's different from getting to know someone without that angle and then adding it in. I think part of it is, how long does it take to get to know someone to then agree to be exclusive.

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Or at least that's the question I have. I haven't made any hasty decisions regarding people I've been with. My ex and I were hanging out for months before deciding to take it further. My current SO was in my life for four years before I finally hit on him. So where do you find that point of where you choose to be? What things do you know it find out that make you want to be exclusive? It depends on the person. I'm pretty sure you're complicating things for absolutely no reason. You go on some dates and if it works out you continue going on dates and eventually decide to only go on dates with each other.

It's really not hard. I would only ever date people I already knew, because I wouldn't have any motivation to date them otherwise. I'm not terribly worried about mixed signals those are easy to clear up or them finding someone else they're not the only fish in the sea.

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Besides, you have those problems with dating someone you didn't already know anyway. So to you, there isn't motivation behind getting to know the person because you already know them pretty well? Say it comes to you that you want to be more than friends. Do you tell the other person right away? Different ways work for different people. I go the friends to dating route as opposed to dating to get to know someone. That works for me, but wouldn't work for others.

It's just a matter of preference. I think that if you like the dating process, then it's a good way to meet new people and see if one leads to something more serious. But it doesn't work for everyone. Personally, I have zero romantic interest in someone I don't already know, so I simply wouldn't get to know someone within the context of "dating". We'd have to get to a certain point of friendship before I'd know them well enough to have room for any interest in moving to a dating relationship. My first two boyfriends, we had just been friends for a few months before dating them and things got physical quickly, although sexual things weren't straight away.

With my current boyfriend, I met him for an hour or so in Spring but there was no chance for socialising.


He was a housemate of a friend of mine. We met again at karaoke in November, along with our mutual friend. And then started dating. You get to know someone by dating them. If, after a few dates, you find that you don't click, then you can decide to sever or just remain friends. Personally, I find it extremely awkward for romantic feelings either mutual or non-mutual to exist between myself and someone I already know ie.

I guess I friend-zone people pretty easily. However if it's just an acquaintance, I have no qualms about dating them. I don't think it matters either way.. I know personally I'd like to date someone I've been friends with for awhile,. As for the side question, sure of course I wouldn't mind dating someone within my circle of friends. To be that's the best way to go, somewhere in a bundle of friendship.

How Long Should You Wait Before Having the ‘Relationship’ Chat?

I used to think that I should get to know someone before dating them, but I ended up getting to know my boyfriend while dating him. It is such an individual and personal thing that I don't think you can ever one specific answer. Personally I find it easier if I don't know the person beforehand! I could never date any friends of mine, they've become like brothers. Plus it would be painful if we split up and ruined any potential friendship.

Usually I need to know them a little before going out but obviously you don't really get to know the person that well till you actually go out.

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Dating is precisely for getting to know the other person before making it official. So, go for it! Hmm, depends how much i like that person.

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If only a little i wouldn't bother but if i like that person alot then i would. Well, you won't get to know the person until you date them?

We really clicked and i enjoy every moment with him even now. Well thats the thing, who says you need to dive into a relationship head first falling madly in love etc. Its just what it is, take it slow and see where it goes. You dont need to be friends first, and actually its probably more difficult to start a romantic relationship after being long term friends. By angelangie Started May 28, By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, By angelangie Started Monday at