Dating cousin through marriage

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Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? The frequency of such deleterious alleles, then, may be decreased, which as shown above means the relative risk is greater , even as the absolute risk decreases. For all these reasons, the increased population-level genetic risks arising from cousin marriage can only be estimated empirically, and those estimates are likely to be specific to particular populations in specific environments. And of course for particular couples, the risks depend on their individual genetic makeup.


It is also worth noting that both the increased absolute and relative risk may be relevant to assessing the consequences of consanguineous marriage. If the background risk of a particular genetic disorder were one in a million, a ten-fold increase in relative risk would likely be considered negligible, because the absolute increase is nevertheless minuscule. In any case, different commentators have certainly interpreted the same risk of cousin marriage as both insignificant and as alarmingly high.

Those who characterize it as slight usually describe the risk in absolute terms and compare it with other risks of the same or greater magnitude that are generally considered acceptable. Thus it is often noted that women over the age of 40 are not prevented from childbearing, nor is anyone suggesting they should be, despite an equivalent risk of birth defects.

On the other hand, those who portray the risk as large tend to describe it in relative terms. For example, geneticist Philip Reilly commented: That's a significant difference.

non-blood related cousin

Thus a doctor asks rhetorically: In closing, we note that laws barring cousin marriage use coercive means to achieve a public purpose and thus would seem to qualify as eugenics even by the most restrictive of definitions. That they were a form of eugenics would once have been taken for granted.

Haldane argued that discouraging or prohibiting cousin marriage would appreciably reduce the incidence of a number of serious recessive conditions, and he explicitly characterized measures to do so as acceptable forms of eugenics [ 32 ].

The Surprising Truth About Cousins and Marriage

But Haldane wrote before eugenics itself became stigmatized. Today, the term is generally reserved for practices we intend to disparage. That laws against cousin marriage are generally approved when they are thought about at all helps explain why they are seemingly exempt from that derogatory label. It is obviously illogical to condemn eugenics and at the same time favor laws that prevent cousins from marrying.

“It's Ok, We're Not Cousins by Blood”: The Cousin Marriage Controversy in Historical Perspective

But we do not aim to indict these laws on the grounds that they constitute eugenics. That would assume what needs to be proved — that all forms of eugenics are necessarily bad. In our view, cousin marriage laws should be judged on their merits. But from that standpoint as well, they seem ill-advised.

These laws reflect once-prevailing prejudices about immigrants and the rural poor and oversimplified views of heredity, and they are inconsistent with our acceptance of reproductive behaviors that are much riskier to offspring. They should be repealed, not because their intent was eugenic, but because neither the scientific nor social assumptions that informed them are any longer defensible. We are also deeply grateful to Ken Miller of the Zoology Department, University of Otago, for drawing the map; to Honor Dillon, Assistant Brand Manager — Tui, for permission to use the Tui ad; and to Robert Resta, Swedish Hospital, Seattle, for providing detailed comments on a draft of the manuscript, thus saving us from at least some errors.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Published online Dec Evelyn Fox Keller, Series Editor. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Open in a separate window. Birth defects warning sparks row.

“It's Ok, We're Not Cousins by Blood”: The Cousin Marriage Controversy in Historical Perspective

Accessed 17 September Anglo-American critiques of cousin marriage in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Between public domain and experimental science, — From clan to kindred: Kinship and the circulation of property in premodern and modern Europe. At the crossroads of biology, politics, and culture, — Cousin marriage in Victorian England. Incest, cousin marriage, and the origin of the human sciences in nineteenth-century England.

The American myth of cousin marriage. University of Chicago Press; Law and the family in nineteenth-century America. University of North Carolina Press; I have a Crush on my Cousin and she has a crush on me: D, I doubt it will come to anything serious, but I dont think its wrong to date cousins, she is my Distant cousin BTW.

Here's my position - your feelings don't make you immoral, or wrong, but how you react to your feelings can. Being attracted to someone who's pretty is normal. Fooling around with your cousin is not. Keep your feelings in check and don't so anything stupid.

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