Led lights hook up to amp

This is where it will draw the power to run your relayed electronics.

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One will connect to your amp ground. One will connect to your HU wire, as a power selected source, and then one will connect to all your electronics that you want run off of the amp power wire, only while the HU remote wire is hot.

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The only way the LED strip would pulse with the bass, would be if you had it hooked up to the speaker output of your amp. It may actually work and pulse for a SHORT while, but then it will burn out very quickly, or just not work at all. I had some lights in my trunk and I wired them into the constant power From the battery and of course the main ground, then had a switch on that main power. It worked like a charm, go for it!

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Change any of those and the humber changes. Also note that the numbers everyone is quoting from Engineering Toolbox is for up to 3 conductors - IE you typical house wiring.

And right back to it - for low voltages, like V track power, that maximum current number is meaningless. Let's say we have 50 feet between source and load. That's feet of wire.

Step 2: Determine the power draw of the LED strip

At 10 amps, with 13 wire half the rated max , at V input, it's a 1. Somethine meant for V getting V will be fine. Something made for 12V getting 10V is going to be noticeable slower.

Or dimmer, in the case of LED strips. And infinitely better than I have shopped around and the 16 AWG speaker wire is the best deal I have found north of the border. Power loading on the wire will not be an issue.

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Each channel will have a 1. Each channel is fused seperately. The longest run might be 35' tops including the LED strip. It sounds like a lot of wiring but in fact there will only be a total of 27 circuits 3 power supplies.

How to Install Your Own LED Light Strips

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A risk I would not take. So are some wires that connect to my air bag, should I tap into those? This board used to be wire and fuse directly to your battery. Will it work, sure why not, but where is the fuse on that remote line?

Wire the LEDs

What about down the road when he wants to add more? Should he just keep taping 12 volt lines? Where will the madness stop? The amount of bad wiring advice on here is amazing. Hook wires up to anything.

Tap into Amp Remote Turn on for LED power? - Oznium Blog

Fuse based off the load. Like I said before,I was only commenting on his current setup which was only two measly l. Your email address will not be published. Install LED lights into cigarette lighter? Mar 18 Posts: Jul 22 Posts: Dont see a problem with it. Mar 23 Posts: