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First update tomorrow night Fletch My dad has a 66 or 67 country gentleman.

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The Elitist Chet Atkins Country Gentleman carries on the late guitarists legacy of influential guitar design, dating back to the s. Regardless, with its sealed top and internal bracing, the Country Gentleman in. As the story goes, Fender stopped dating necks for a brief period. Elvis Presley later owned a Gretsch Country Gentleman— recently.

The date and origin of the first device considered an instrument is.

No label, serial number on peghead. White label with black border, "Gretsch Guitars" , no address.

Dating A Gretsch Country Gentleman – No Interracial Dating

Gretsch Logo Script logo: Last script logos used on Synchromatics in late 's. All other models got this logo in mid Gretsch "humptop" fingerboard inlays left, Chet Atkins and "neoclassic" inlays right, Chet Atkins Also note the zero fret just after the nut on the neoclassic inlay fingerboard a zero fret was not used on the earlier fingerboards, but an aluminum nut was!

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And finally the use of Brazilian rosewood on the humptop inlay fingerboard, and ebony on the neoclassic board. Humptop inlays are usually made from celluloid, and the block inlays can be either celluloid or pearl. In this era, humptop inlays are rare, with block inlays being the norm on mid to high end models. Low end models used dot inlays. On certain Chet Atkins and solidbody models , and Roundup , Gretsch used block celluloid fingerboard inlays panographed with "Cows and Cactus".

After panographed, the engraving is filled with gold paint which quickly turns green and then black from playing. The Cow and Cactus inlays are probably one of Gretsch's coolest features, at least in my eye.

If it’s Gretsch, it’s here.

As a general rule, humptop inlays on a Gretsch means or early Low end models still used dots. Cow and Cactus fingerboard inlays on a Gretsch Roundup. Often the inlay at the first fret is not engraved. The 3rd fret engraving is a cactus on this guitar. Notice the peghead's engraved steerhead.

Truss Rod to No truss rod cover. Truss rod adjustment at butt of neck by body. Truss rod adjustment at peghead, small truss rod cover.

Gretsch Country Gentleman

Truss rod adjustment at peghead, large bell-shaped truss rod cover. No truss rod cover on peghead. The peghead on a Gretsch single Anniversary. Note the "T" roof Gretsch logo, the bell-shaped truss rod cover as used in and later , and the peghead name plate denoting "Anniversary Model". Peghead Plates Used on some models from to Square metal plate with engraved model name.

White Falcon and Country Gentlemen also have their serial number on plate till Van Eps, Roc Jet, Streamliner: Zero Fret This "feature" used a fret as the actual nut though there was a nut too for guiding the strings to the tuners only. Gretsch called this their "Action-Flo" nut.


White Falcon, Country Club: Sal Salvador, Astro jet: Viking, Anniversary, Rally, Broadkaster, Rancher: Gretsch Pickups and Bridges: The bridge in the upper right is a Melita, and the bridges in the lower photos are Space Control bridges. DeArmond Gretsch Dynasonic Fidela-tone , single coil, black face, poles adjust by a separate set of screws. Because the screws and the poles are each in a separate row, these are often confused as being a "humbucker" pickup.

Filter'Tron, double coil humbucker , 2 rows of poles, no markings on cover, smooth plastic frame. Applied For" stamped on cover, smooth plastic frame. Filter'Tron, patent number on cover, ridged plastic frame. Really a single coil version of the Filter'tron.

1962 Gretsch Country Gentleman

Filter'Tron, black face, no cover markings, height adjustable, open metal frame same case as Hi-Lo'Tron. Used on high end models like the Viking, Country Gent and Monkees.

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White Falcon and Country Club models only. Optional Project-o-Sonic 4 switch system, 6 pairs of pole screws per pu, 4 switches on upper bass bout, many tone combinations. DiMarzio or generic Japanese Humbucking pickup were used on some models, screw poles, metal cover. Duane Eddy in with his Bearing no official name, just a lable affixed to the bottom of the pickguard with the model number , these instruments appear to be Country Gent prototypes. And very few were produced. Three or four have surfaced and all of them have serial numbers in the range.

The Country Gentleman numerically designated in Gretsch catalogs as Model PX made its official debut in late , as a model. As a high-end model it was the top of the line in the Chet Atkins series , it was produced in limited numbers. The single biggest change was the decision to phase out the single cutaway construction in favor or a double cutaway design. The Country Gentleman made this transition in late As with the single cutaway Gent, many of these early double cuts continued to feature beautifully figured maple tops.

In Feburary the Beatles visited America for the first time. It also marked the beginning of a huge increase in the production of the Country Gent and of Gretsch guitars in general.